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Player Information
Name: Cupcake
Age: Over 18.
Contact: [personal profile] princesscupcake
Characters already in Medietas: Elizabeth Bennet
Reserve Link: Here.

Character Basics
Name: Claire Fraser
Character Journal: [personal profile] jesushrooseveltchrist
Canon: Outlander
Canon Point: Post S1 Finale.
Age 27
Icon: Here.

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Claire Fraser is a tall woman, standing 5'10' in her stocking feet, with dark hair and bright blue eyes.
History Here.

Personality: Claire (Beauchamp Randall) Fraser is the very model of a mid-twentieth century woman. When we first meet her, like so many others she has come through the crucible of the Second World War, not just as a civilian but as an army nurse on the French front. She has seen incredibly bloody, horrible things, and somehow managed to emerge from the experience with a surprising lack of PTSD and an ability to process a certain level of brutality while still managing a very British sensibility of getting on with things that goes beyond her medical training.

When she is transported through the Stones to 18th century Scotland, she does not waste a lot of time freaking out about what has happened to her, instead (for the most part) adapting to her situation despite the incredible journey she has just taken. And while she wants to understand why it has happened, she is patient and wise enough to understand that demanding answers in such a way as to arouse suspicion will likely put her in a lot of trouble.

That said, she manages to find herself in trouble anyway. Claire is accustomed to speaking her mind, and as such doesn’t censor herself when she often otherwise should. For example, she very unwisely remarks about the illegality of British occupation of Scotland…in a room full of British noblemen, which then results in Claire’s loyalty to the Crown being questioned. She defies local church authority in order to heal a sick child, putting herself at risk of being convicted as a witch. She alienates many of her Scottish would-be allies with her attitude, though eventually because of her conviction, intelligence, and skills, she earns their trust. There is also, on a level, a certain arrogance in Claire’s overall mindset; the fact that she somehow convinces herself that it is even remotely possible to change history – and without even a clear understanding of what the consequences might be of doing so successfully, much less whether it can be done at all, is pretty mind-boggling.

There are three important relationships in Claire’s life above all others, and unfortunately they all fail the Bechdel test. Her first husband, Frank Randall, is the man she married prior to the onset of the war, and when it is over, must effectively get to know all over again once it’s over. It’s safe to say that Claire does love Frank, and spends most of her time in the past initially trying to return to him, but when held up against the passion with which she loves her second husband, it rather pales in comparison. This is further complicated by the fact that his ancestor, Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall, is effectively his genetic twin and responsible for the majority of strife and pain in Claire’s life since her arrival in Scotland’s past. He is the first person Claire meets upon arrival, and promptly attempts to rape her, pursues her, tortures her, tortures and rapes the man she loves, and all with a face she associates with someone she in turn loves. She hates him enough to do anything to defy him, hates him enough to risk telling him she’s a witch and giving him the date of his own demise as a curse.

But the person that is the most important in Claire’s life is without a doubt Jamie Fraser. He is her first real friend in the improbable situation in which she finds herself, and despite some initial tension between them, their friendship is founded in mutual respect for each other’s skills, knowledge, and empathy. There’s some attraction as well, but initially Claire still considers herself married to Frank in the future. When it becomes necessary for Claire to marry Jamie in order to protect herself, there’s a noticeable lack of protest at the idea and she doesn’t seem altogether too bothered by consummating the union. It could be argued that she was already in love with him prior to the marriage, and despite her conflicted feelings concerning her questionable bigamy, Claire ultimately chooses to stay with Jamie in the past, moves heaven and earth to find and rescue him from Randall, and stubbornly refuses to give up on Jamie as he works through the incredible trauma and PTSD he has suffered at the English officer’s hands. The fact that she has become pregnant by Jamie (previously convinced that she is unable to have children) is a miracle to her, and further cements her loyalty to him.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: Claire's most notable talent is that she is a trained nurse, having worked on the French front during WW2. Not just skilled in relatively modern techniques, she has an extensive knowledge of natural remedies as well. She is also fluent in French.

What 4 items would you like your character too have with them on the island during their stay?

1. Bag of herbs.
2. Dagger.
3. A single-shot pistol.
4. 17th century medical supplies (in a bag - bandages, a needle, catgut)

Samples - Can be linked
First Person: Here.
Third Person: Here.

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun. N/A. Claire will be living with Jamie, but if a word must be picked: sun.


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